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Custom Themes

with Hugo Pipes

This presentation uses a custom Reveal.js theme written in SCSS that is compiled by Hugo, using Hugo pipes.

Hugo pipes compiles the source code of the theme, located in assets/custom-theme.scss, into CSS.


No separate build process is required, which means you can iterate on your theme and your content at the same time.

To set a custom theme and use Hugo to compile it:

custom_theme = "custom-theme.scss"
custom_theme_compile = true

custom-theme.scss must live in the assets folder.

To pass compilation options, use the custom_theme_options param:

targetPath = "css/custom-theme.css"
enableSourceMap = true

See all the available options.

Note: to use a custom theme that doesn’t need compilation, put it in the static directory and do not set the custom_theme_compile parameter. It will be served to the browser directly.

Write a custom Reveal.js theme in four steps:

1. Import `mixins` and `settings` from the templates directory
2. Override variables and functions for colors, fonts and sizes
3. Import `theme` from the templates directory
4. Add any additional selectors to override the built CSS

See the Reveal.js theme docs to learn what overrides are possible.

See assets/custom-theme.scss or any file in assets/reveal-js/dist/theme/source for an example.